Monday, June 23, 2008

Rockin' It

Wow, what a weekend! First of all, I have to say that Nathan and his dad are TROOPERS! I can't believe how much they got done on the bathroom in just two days. It honestly blows my mind. And they kept acting like I was going to be upset that more wasn't getting done. Trust me, I know that unexpected road blocks come up that can completely throw you for a loop. For example...we bought porcelain tile instead of ceramic. Who knew that porcelain would be so incredibly hard to cut through?!?! Granted, it will last for stinkin' ever, but it definitely slowed down the progress. Nathan's dad actually ended up having to drive to Ontario on Sunday to get a wet tile saw from Home Depot, otherwise there were going to be so many broken tiles that we wouldn't have had enough.

Before getting started on the tile, however, the boys did quite a bit of prep work. They had to rebuild a corner of the wall between the bathtub and the toilet, which we had had to cut off in order to remove the old tub and install the new one. They also took out the old built-in small medicine cabinet and drywalled over that. After seeing how big our new vanity was, we decided that we needed to put it against a different wall, which meant reworking the plumbing for both water lines and the sewer drain. Nathan's dad handled that and it turned out great! Big thanks to those who rescued us when we ran out of solder for the copper pipes on a Sunday night. Boo to not having any hardware stores open in the entire town!

While Ger worked on the plumbing stuff for the sink, Nathan kept on the tile, getting it completely installed! The only things left to do on that tub are to put up the grout and then caulk between the tile and the tub. YAY! Even without grout, the tile already looks phenomenal.

The new tile...the mud around the outside edge of the tile will be sanded down and painted over.

Here's what the accent tile looks like up close. Love it!

I just love how the tile looks. It's leaps and bounds above the laminate crap that was in there before! I can't wait to see what it looks like with the grout! We finally called it a weekend last night at around 12:30, after getting the vanity installed and figuring out that the faucet we had on the sink was leaking from a place where it couldn't be fixed. So Nathan ended up buying a new faucet this morning and I spent the morning removing the old fixture and drain and installing the new one. That's right, yours truly installs sink faucets and drains. I'd also like to mention that nothing leaks and everything works properly! YAY! Sorry, just had to toot my horn a little bit since I was working all weekend and didn't really get to help with much.

The new vanity, complete with working fixtures and drains.

What a huge relief. Installing the tile and the bathtub were most definitely going to be the biggest obstacles in remodeling the bathroom, and we're almost completely done with it. Not only that, but the stuff that is left with the tub is all pretty easy, compared to what we've already gone through! Just know that for everything I've talked about in this blog, there's about three times as much stuff that Nathan and his dad did that I either don't know about or that I didn't mention, simply in the interest of keeping this post relatively short.

Items left to complete in the bathroom: grout the tile, caulk the tub, install mirrored medicine cabinet, install storage cabinet above toilet, get new flooring installed, paint, install trim. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but again, compared to what we've already done, we're at the easy part!!!

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Wow that looks awesome!! Good job!