Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puffy Ankle Update

So I broke down and called my doctor's office today to ask if I should be worried about how consistantly large my ankles have been for the past four days or so. The nurse got the specifics on what my ankles and feet looked like and then said she'd call back after checking with Dr. Smithson. A couple of hours later, she called back and said I should be fine as long as I keep my feet up as often as possible.

.............yeah, cause THAT is going to be easy during our trip to Portland this weekend or during my week at Young Life camp starting on July 5th. They obviously don't know me very well. It's going to be hard enough on me not being able to do all of the activities that I LOVE at camp (1/4 mile long zip line, ropes course, at-night obstacle course, go carts, bike riding, etc). Ah well, I'll do my best. I promise to sit as often as humanly possible, and whenever the opportunity presents itself, will even put my feet up.

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Carly Carlson said...

Hey Lindy-- it's probably good you called the doc just to make sure it isn't preeclampsia or anything crazy!! I'm glad he's not too concerned!

The bathroom looks awesome!

I've missed you, we'll have to catch up asap!