Monday, January 5, 2009

Calling All Moms

Hey ladies!

That time has come, the time when Nathan and I have realized that the lack of grandparents living in Baker means that we need to track down a reliable baby sitter, and fast! Not on a daily basis, Nathan gets to stay home with them instead of going to work, lucky guy! But more for date nights, times when we both have to be somewhere and can't take the boys, etc. So I'm turning to you, oh wise mothers, for any recommendations you might be able to make! (Obviously, your recommendations would have to live in Baker.) We'd be more than happy to have who ever it is come over for an afternoon to get to know the boys' schedule and quirks before turning them loose, cause let's face it, twins isn't exactly something you deal with on a regular basis. I have a concealed weapons permit class on the 17th of this month and it would be awesome if Nathan could take it also, so we're hoping to find someone before then. Ha ha, concealed weapons and babysitter in the same paragraph...awesome.

Some of you may wonder whether it's too soon to get a baby sitter...after all, the boys are only three months old, right? Let me tell you something. YOU try spending all your time with two infants, barely leaving the house and only talking to other adults over the phone while your wife goes to work. I think Nathan's starting to lose his mind. Or, in my case, leaving home only to deal with the portion of our general public that has the maturity of 5 year olds. Trust me, three months is not too soon. And after utilizing said baby sitter and returning from a night on the town (consisting of dinner at Barley's and maybe a movie if we're lucky...hey, we know how to live it up here in Baker), we will be all the more recharged and ready to be even better parents than we were before date night.

We've had several friends offer to watch the boys periodically, and while I'm sure we'll accept that offer graciously on occasion, I'm one of those people who hates to impose on our friends on a regular basis. I prefer to keep our friends and I'm not sure that subjecting them to twin infants screaming their heads off at the same time is the way to do it. Don't get me wrong, the boys aren't that bad. But come on...there's TWO!

So, yeah. Any recommendations you can make would be awesome. I'd love to know that the person we are trusting our boys with is trusted by the people I trust.

....did you follow that? Because I'm not sure that I did.

Speaking of the boys, I've come to a conclusion. I'm sure I'll look back on this post someday, years down the road, and laugh at my naivety but I'm going to share it none the less. I've decided that the boys are already starting to show their personalities and that those personalities are going to be very distinct indeed. Asher, our baby (by one minute), has distinguished himself as the child who pushes himself physically and knows exactly what he wants...and isn't afraid to let you know about it. He's the over-achiever and I think we have a future athlete on our hands. As demonstrated by the videos in the previous post.

Levi, on the other hand, is our mellow baby who has already started to bob and weave to any beat he hears...and sometimes there is no beat except the one in his head. Regardless, our oldest child has a natural sense of rhythm and is happiest when there is some sort of music playing. Eliot, my brother in law, made each of the boys their own classical music cd's, peppered with some Disney tunes. Can I just tell you how much Levi loves them? Asher could take or leave them. But the moment you plop Levi in his Winnie the Pooh swing and turn on the music, he is entranced. Entertained. Delighted. Asleep. Ahh, my future musician. Way to take after Mommy.

Oddly enough, I totally thought it would be exactly the opposite. I thought Asher would be the artsy-fartsy musician type and Levi would be the athlete. Maybe it's their names. Asher just sounds more artsy to me.

But don't worry, I refuse to put my boys in a box. Or two. Still, it's fun to speculate, no?


Kate said...

"But don't worry, I refuse to put my boys in a box. Or two."

If I hadn't read the rest of the entry this would have been a very strange sentence lol! will you be shipping the boys Fedex or UPS? :-D

If you guys ever want to come to Springfield we have a double bed now in the guest room and we can (or I can at least) babysit for you guys (you could always go on to the beach from there). Otherwise I have no suggestions, sorry!

Lindy said...

Oooh, the beach. I feel a weekend trip coming up sometime this summer! I haven't been to the beach since...umm...

Yep, that's how long it's been.