Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Mylanta!

Night before last was amazing. A-MA-ZING. I fed the boys at around 9:30 or 10 pm, they were asleep in their cribs by about 11 or so, after which Nathan planned to stay up for their next feeding. At around 1 am, he finally gave up waiting for them to wake up and just came to bed. At 6:30, he nudged me and said, "The boys still haven't woken up." I grunted some sort of reply and went back to sleep...until 8:30!!! They slept for over 8 hours straight! Actually, Asher slept for another hour after that, while I nursed Levi. Bliss. Pure bliss.

And then there was last night.

Levi and Asher were pretty fussy all day long because they kept getting tired but had slept so long the night before that they weren't taking naps. We went out to Barley's for dinner with my parents and when we got home, I fed the boys while Nathan took a nap. I woke him up at 10:00, got all my stuff ready for work, and was in bed by 11. Evidently the boys were fussy and didn't fall asleep until 1 am...and then were screaming to be fed at 4 am. Groan. Nathan was so tired that I ended up sending him back to bed while I fed the boys and put them back to bed...thankfully, they were both so tired by this point that they immediately fell back asleep. If only I could have done that. But no. I'm at work. No naps for me. Ugg.

In other news, Nathan and I have started doing the Dave Ramsey budget stuff and we're SUUUUPER excited about it. We sat down yesterday and filled out all the budget worksheets on the Dave Ramsey software that I'm borrowing from a co-worker. It was a pain the butt, but so worth it. All the sudden, we know where all of our money is going, which is enabling us to save money, know the minimum number of hours Nathan needs to work each week, and hopefully pay of our debt sooner. Finally, we're not just throwing money at various bills and hoping there's enough money in the bank; instead, we'll know exactly which bills come out of which pay checks and which paychecks to take our savings and such out of. Order out of chaos!!!

While Nathan and I were upstairs crunching numbers yesterday, my fantabulous parents were attacking our basement. The basement use to be our entertainment area, the place where we hung out and watched movies, played video games, entertained guests, etc. And then the remodel happened. Suddenly our basement was simply the catch-all for anything we needed out of the way. Add on top of that my being on bed rest for 7 weeks, us being in Boise for 6 weeks, and then bringing home two infants, and you have a recipe for the disaster that is our basement and back storage area. To say that it was terrifying was nothing short of an understatement.

So my dad, being who he is (which means that he's incapable of going more than about a week without a project), offered to tackle the challenge that is our basement. My mom jumped in as well and between the two of them, they managed to clean out and organize our back storage area, clean up and organize our main basement area, fill up the back of our Durango with things to go to the Young Life yard sale, and fill up the back of their truck with garbage/recycling. And now...we have a basement again! There are still a couple of areas to be cleaned out and still some tidying to be done,

And then next they said they're going to take on our garden shed and garage. Because, let's face it, those two places are a little worse for wear as well. That's what happens when you get married, combine a ton of STUFF belonging to two people, live in one house for less than a year, move into a different house that isn't completely cleaned out before you move in, add your STUFF to someone else's STUFF, attempt to make said house livable while trying to decide what needs to stay and what needs to go, get pregnant, start a remodel (which requires completely removing everything from various rooms at various times), go on bed rest, have kiddos early, have kiddos in the NICU for a month and half, and then bring the kiddos home...all in the space of less than three years. Are we stark raving mad? I think so!

Thankfully, we have awesome family members who are willing to come to our rescue when we get ourselves in over our heads. Thank you, family. You're the reason we're still afloat.

PS. I apologize that there haven't been pictures lately. We have them! They're just on the camera. Or on the computer waiting to be edited. I'm being buried under said photos. Someday I will get them edited and uploaded to our online album. Someday. I promise.

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