Saturday, September 8, 2007


Baseball: The great American past time. I married into a family of Mariner's fans and have since adopted them as my favorite baseball team...even if they have lost the last 12 of 13 games. Yay for going to an M's game in Seattle next weekend! Just don't ask me to watch it on tv...give me a live game any day!

Baker City: My home town. I grew up here, moved away for college, and couldn't stay away. I love the small town feel, the tight knit group of friends we've found here, the lack of traffic (unless you get behind a cattle drive). I'd love to raise our children here.

Bandit: Our springer spaniel. Adorable. A cuddle bug. Often a pain in the butt, but we still love him. Our only child at this point, and that's the way he likes it. Hopefully his bird dog instincts will come in this fall, since it will be his first season.

Beavs: Even though I didn't go to OSU, almost all of my family did. Both sets of my grandparents, my dad, my dad's sister, her husband and both of her sons. My dad, my dad's father, my uncle, and both counsins all were/are brothers of the SAE frat at OSU. Talk about legacy. So I'm kinda obligated to be a fan. Sorry Kate! Go Beavs!

Barley Brown's: The local brew pub. Good food, good beer. We usually go there about once a week. It's also now the headquarters for our weekly cribbage game gatherings every Thursday night. It's incredibly odd if you go in there and don't see at least 5 people you know. Which leads me to...

Beer: Mostly homebrew. Definitely partial to Nathan's homebrew. And Barley Brown's beer. Yum. I'll just put the Beer Club under this too...we meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month. We try each other's homebrew, have snacks, sit around and talk, and just generally have a good time. Yay for Brew club in just 3 days!

I'm sure there's more, but I think this is enough for now.

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