Thursday, September 13, 2007


Dawn: Every day when I get off work while on graveyard shift, I get to see the dawn. There's something so incredibly peaceful about that time of day...everything is so quiet, the town has yet to open its doors, and the Elkhorns are a beautiful pink. Maybe that's one of the reasons I enjoy graveyard shift so's hard to enjoy that beauty fully when you're still trying to wake up and you're on your way to work, instead of on your way home. Dawn is a pretty reminder that you've lived to see another day.

Dogs: I'm a dog person. No denying it. I like cats, but they're not nearly as easy to please as dogs are. Granted, cats don't dig up your yard...but I still like dogs better.

Dentists: Not saying I like going to the dentist office. But my daddy is a dentist. And they help you keep your teeth from hurting.

Days Off: I don't think this one needs an explination.

Digital Clocks: These make it much easier to read military time, which is a requirement if you're going to work in law enforcement or dispatch. "Copy 12-1 at 13:46."

Dispatch: My job, and the buffer between dumb people and our officers/medics/fire fighters. Oh, and we help save lives too. That feels good.

Dad: My hero and sounding board for every decision I have to make in life. Allows me to make my own mistakes and still loves me even when I make the big ones. Thanks for being so completely awesome Dad!


Rachel Greenhalgh said...

Lindy - this is Rachel Barfuss from high school. I just had to let you know that Arly stole the ABC thing from me, so you should really say that you stole it from me also! JK! It is fun to see what different people say. Arly whizzed right through it, and it looks like you are about to catch up to me too!

Natascha Nugget said...

HELLO?! You forgot the most important D of all...DANI!