Friday, September 21, 2007

All About Us

So I guess a cool blog thing to do are these little surveys and then you "tag" people and they are also supposed to fill out the survey. So here goes...

1. Where did you meet?
Trombly Square in the middle of Pacific's campus. It was the beginning of my Junior year at Pacific, Nathan's Senior year, and the on-campus Christian group was having a bbq. I was talking to one of my friends when I noticed this guy talking to our pastor who I had never seen before (rare on a campus our size) and he looked straight at me. The next thing I knew, he was standing right next to me, asking if I would like to go on a rafting trip with the group that fall. I said yes, of course, because I LOVE rafting. He wrote down my name and number, handed me a flyer with the trip info, and then said "I put my cell number on there...just in case you have any questions." (When I asked him later, he said that was just an excuse to give me his number, cheeky guy.) My friends were so impressed that they insisted that I call the number and ask him to go to Coldstone Ice Cream with us that night.

2. What was the 1st thing you said to him?
Probably something along the lines of "Oh! Hi." cause he startled me by showing up right next to me when the last time I had seen him (30 second earlier), he had been clear across the square. Then, if I remember correctly, he did most of the talking.

3. What was your 1st Date?
Unofficially, it was a few days after we first met when we went out into the country to take some photos (we were both studying photography) then had dinner at the Rock Creek Tavern. But he made sure to tell me several times that "This isn't a date." Officially, our first date was to Hugg Point on Feb 28th, 2005, the day after his birthday...he called me, told me he hadn't really gotten to celebrate his birthday, and would I like to go to the coast with him to celebrate his belated birthday? Between the Unofficial 1st Date and the Official 1st Date, we completely lost touch for about 3 1/2 months...didn't call, didn't see each other on campus, anything. Then we ran into each other on campus in late January and ended up talking outside, in the freezing rain, for over an hour. We hung out a few times then went on our Official 1st Date.

4. Where was your 1st Kiss?
I think it was the night of our Official 1st Date in my apartment.

5. Did we have a long courtship/engagement?
Kind of...if you count all the "not a dates", our courtship lasted about 10 months, with that short stint of completely losing touch in there. Officially, we dated for 4 months, from Feb 28 to June 28 when we got engaged. We were then engaged for 11 months and 6 days.

6. Where did you get engaged?
Ha ha ha, this is a funny story. We had already picked out a ring, I had accidently found out that Nathan had bought it, I knew he had asked my parents' permission, but I had no idea when he was actually going to pop the question. There were a LOT of dates we had that were romantic enough to be an engagement date, but noooooo. So I decided to stop expecting it and getting disappointed. On our 4 month anniversary, Nathan asked if I'd like to go to Hugg Point since that's where our first date was and we hadn't been back there since then. He also said he wanted to bring his camera to take some pictures, which is nothing out of the ordinary. The drive there was interesting...during the first part of the drive, Nathan was talking a million miles an hour. On the second half of the drive, I couldn't get a word out of him. I was just happy to be going to the coast on a warm sunny day, so I didn't think twice about it. When we got there, Nathan said he needed to go use the restroom. I offered to hold his camera bag for him so he didn't have to take it in the outhouse...and he hesitated in giving it to me! I thought it was because he thought I was going to drop it or something, even though I'm a photographer too! So I took it from him and told him that his camera would be fine. When he got back, I expected a nice leisurely stroll down the beach....but oh no! He took me by the hand and PULLED me down the beach until we reached the far end, where he asked me if I'd like to climb up on a short, flat rock at the edge of the surf. After we were on top of it, we just stood there looking at the water until he said "I think I'm going to start taking photos" and twisted around to get into his camera bag. Meanwhile, I'm looking out at the ocean and finally realize that it's taking him a lot longer than usual to get out his camera...and why is he trying to get his camera out behind his back instead of bringing the bag around in front of him? When I finally looked, there was Nathan holding my ring (it had been in his camera bag all along). To be honest, I don't remember what he said, I just know he asked, I said yes, we hugged, we kissed, I cried. After which, Nathan asked, "Did you notice where we're standing?" "On a rock?" "We're standing on the rock we stood on together on our first date." "Awww, that's sweet....except it was that log back there." Yeah, I probably shouldn't have burst his bubble, but it was too funny and adorable, and SO Nathan. We then went into Cannon Beach to a small wine bar, each had a glass of wine, and celebrated with the really nice gal who was serving the wine there before heading back into town to tell our friends. It was so much fun!

7. How did your reception go?
It was a ton of fun, LOTS of laughs, lots of great people, lots of dancing. It was also very beautiful. It just didn't last long enough for my taste. I could have stayed for a couple more hours. But other than that, I couldn't have asked for a better wedding and reception.

8. How was your honeymoon?
It was absolutely wonderful. We went to a resort on Vancouver Island that had a very rustic feel for all that it was one of the top resorts on the Island. Our room overlooked the Princess Louisa inlet between Vancouver Island and mainland Canada, and had the most beautiful view EVER. It was a great week of recovering from graduating from college, moving across the state, and getting married (all within 2 weeks). We did a little exploring of the local afternoon we went to their equivalent of the Red Woods and another afternoon we went to a butterfly farm. Oh, and we played mini golf at a great course just down the road from our resort, where I won us a 2nd game on the last hole. But for the most part, we stayed in, relaxed, did some reading, and got comfortable with being newly weds before going back to the real world. Here's some pictures of the view from our balcony.

The view of the mountains on mainland Canada across the inlet, straight out our balcony door

Out the left side of our balcony at sunset

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