Friday, September 14, 2007

This is my reality.

I just spent the past two hours with our two on-duty officers and my partner, swapping the most entertaining suicide stories that we've heard or experienced. Because we just sent people out to look for a person who probably killed themselves today. Try not to think of the lives they may have shattered, Lindy. And I laughed at these stories...hard. Not because it doesn't touch me. Maybe because it touches me too much.

You've got to let youself laugh, even at the messed up shit, if you're going to survive this job.

Because this is what I do. Between the mundane barking complaints and requests for officers to come put the fear of God into an unruly 5 year old, there's the messed up shit. If you want to leave this room and still be able to think there are good people in the world, it's gotta come out someway. I guess laughing at the messed up shit is as good a way as any. Don't judge.

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