Monday, September 17, 2007

Margot Frank

I just found out yesterday that I have been cast in Eastern Oregon Rep. Theatre in their production of "The Diary Of Anne Frank" that performs during the first two weekends of November. I will be performing the part of Margot Frank, Anne Frank's older, quiet, studious sister.

Margot Frank
Feb 16, 1926 - late Feb or early March, 1945
I have to admit, I don't know much about Anne's older sister. It was always Anne that we studied in-depth in school. But when I read about Margot, I think she's going to be a stretch for me to portray. I'm use to being cast as the outgoing, funny character. So I'm looking forward to being stretched as an actress.
I'm just trying to imagine what it must have been like for the Frank family. To be forced to live within an attic for two years, to feel the gut-wrenching fear at being discovered, to experience the drudgery and pain of Auschwitz, to see all your dreams ripped away from you, and then to die apart from the ones you love.
Margot wanted to move to Palestine with a group of young Jews, to found a Jewish state and become a midwife. What an amazing dream. As soon as she got her order to go to a work camp, her family had to go into hiding and those dreams had to be pushed to the background. I'm sure they weren't forgotten for a while though. Maybe while they were hiding in the attic, there was hope that one day this would all end and life would go back to normal. But what about after they were betrayed and discovered? Did her dreams die that day, or did they stay strong in a hidden part of her heart until the very end?

I want to do this family justice in our portrayal of them. I know thousands of other families went through similar horrors during this time in history, but Anne gave us a unique glimpse into the strength, courage, and love of her family. I want to do that justice.


Rachel Greenhalgh said...

Actually I didn't know that Happy Burger had changed names. Thanks for telling me! I LOVE The Diary of Ann Frank, I wish I could come watch!

The Carlsons said...

that is awesome, lindy!! congrats! when is the performance?

i loved learning about the Franks in elementary school, we actually did a thing for each of them. that is so great!

The Carlsons said...

oh i just saw in your post when it is performed... derrr

Anonymous said...

i love ann's book that she wrote

Anonymous said...

She is really ugly, as his mom and sister Ana, sorry but its the true.