Monday, November 24, 2008

And Now We Know

Just real quick, now that Asher is sleeping again, I thought I'd post a couple of fun photos. Everyone who knows my dad looks at Asher and says, "Wow, he looks like his Grandpa." I definitely see it too. But I was having the hardest time looking at Levi and seeing who he looked like until Nathan's mom showed me a picture of Nathan shortly after he was born, laying in the cradle that Nathan's dad made (which the boys are now using). As a comparison, I have a photo of Levi laying the exact same way in the exact same cradle. Nathan's on the left and Levi's on the right. The only difference I can see is that Levi has my nose.

There are also a bunch of new photos on the boys' 2nd month album, so check them out!


Anna said...

Hey girl I finally got caught up on your blog. That picture of Nathan and Levi are uncanny! I didn't know you were going to use the cradle. Are you still or will you be using the crib? I need to find a time to come visit you! When would be a good time for you guys - probably not until next year. Miss and love you!

Kate said...

They do look an awful lot alike... except Nathan drooled more. :-P Very cute!