Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Glimmer Is Getting...Bigger?

First off, let me just preface this by saying that I've had approximately 7 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. If that. We've done rooming in with the boys for the last two nights and, well, we created two night owls. Guess that serves us right for being night owls ourselves. But until 6 am?!

Both nights it seemed like just when we got one baby fed and asleep, the other one was awake and hungry. Either that, or we'd feed one and half an hour he would decide he was hungry again! The first night it was Levi who was the problem child, and then last night it was Asher; and both nights they didn't both fall into deep, lasting sleep until about 6 am. So we are exhausted. This morning we both fell asleep on the bed while the nurse was in the room doing her morning assessment on the boys. I vaguely remember Nathan telling her to shake him if she needed anything. But it was worth it, because last night they both gained around 15-16 grams.

Which brings me to my frustration! All day yesterday we were being told by nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors that the boys would most likely be going home today. They did the car seat study and by the time they got done with it (2 hours later) there weren't any doctors around to tell us the results so we still have no idea how they did. We're assuming they passed, because we haven't been told that they failed...no news is good news, right? So I spent about five hours last night driving around town looking for boxes to pack our stuff at the Ronald house into and then actually packing that stuff, feeling pretty certain that we'd be heading home today, as everyone had been predicting.

Well at around 9:00 this morning, after only about an hour of sleep, I let our nurse know that I was up in case a doctor wanted to talk to us about going home. On my way back to the room, I ran into one of the Patient Care Coordinators, who told me we'd be staying another night because Levi didn't gain weight night before last and they want to see good weight gain for two nights in a row before sending them home.

Here's my question...they knew yesterday that Levi didn't gain weight, which would put the kibosh on their "two days of gaining weight" from the get go, automatically making it so we had to stay for another night. So...why was everyone telling us it was even a possibility? Anyway, that's my frustration, I've got it out, I may ask someone why in the world that happened, but now I'm going to try to focus on the fact that the boys are most likely going home tomorrow! Because let me tell you what, these boys are piggy!


Bridgete said...

Well I'm so glad to hear that at least they should be going home tomorrow! That is frustrating though.

Arly said...


I wish I could be there to welcome you and the boys home!! I'm so thrilled for you and pray that they both gain good weight tonight!!