Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Outfits!

These outfits don't in any way compare to Stella's Costume, but they really don't make costumes for preemies, ha ha ha! But first, a picture of the boys in their first matching outfits!

Asher's Halloween outfit, with the shirt Auntie Kate gave him. It says "I Love My Mummy".

Asher's Halloween bib from Katie and Gloria.

Levi's Halloween shirt from Auntie Kate. It says "Little Monster".

Levi in his Halloween bib.

The boys in their hooded pumpkin blankets from Eliot's parents.

And because it's cute, Asher using his binkie as a pillow...this is a regular occurrence.

There are more photos on the boys' 2nd month album, some of which are ridiculously adorable but I didn't have the time or energy to put them all on here.

I'm finally feeling almost 100% up to par, so I'm heading out in a few minutes to nurse the boys. Nathan was a rock star last night and went to all but two of their feedings between 10 am yesterday and 7 am today. Not to mention that he did the 4:00 am feeding yesterday. Evidently the Patient Care Coordinator who let him stay in the NICU room another night told him that the only way he could stay there was if he went to every feeding through the night, regardless of the fact that he was doing it alone. I guess she kind of acted like it was poor planning on our part for me to get bad. Ah well, at least Nathan had a place to stay, otherwise he would have been getting a hotel room just in case I really had the flu and not food poisoning.

Yay for getting to see the boys! I haven't seen them for 26 hours now...that's the longest I've been away from them!

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Kate said...

Yay for cute Halloween costumes!! :-D