Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forcing Myself To Slow Down

Holy moly, life has been a little crazy since the last time I posted. Let's see if I can remember the highlights.

  • As of the boys' last appointment on Friday, Levi weighs 6 lbs 2 oz and Asher weighs 6 lbs 3 oz. They are continuing to grow like weeks, gaining about one ounce per day, averaging around half a pound each week.
  • As a result of the weight gain, they are looking like real babies to me. Adorable babies. Tug-on-the-heart-strings adorable. Can't kiss and hug them enough adorable.
  • Asher managed to roll over from his back to his tummy while he was laying in their pack n play. And this afternoon, while my parents were watching the boys so Nathan and I could get some sleep, Mom put Levi down on the floor to do tummy time and he rolled over from his tummy to his back again! Something tells me we're going to have to baby proof the house sooner than we thought.
  • On Tuesday morning my high school friend, Arly, delivered her adorable baby boy named Nathan (no, not named after my Nathan, ha ha ha). Congrats Arly and Sam!
  • On Saturday morning, my young life co-leaders Autumn and Aaron had their baby daughter Trinity! Big hugs to you guys and can't wait to meet her!
  • Yesterday was the baby shower that my mom threw for me, which was a lot of fun. The boys were a hit and it was a great mix of ladies to have there. They even suffered through the "guess the baby food by taste" game we made them do, ha ha ha!
  • Today the boys were dedicated at church. It was so cool. Mom and Dad were there with us, and Pastor Lenny had some great things to say. For those who don't know, a dedication is when you public declare that you will raise your child (or children in our case) in a Christian home, to know the love of God. This is in the place of doing an infant baptism, which I personally don't agree with because I think that baptism is a very personal decision that the boys will hopefully make when they can understand the symbolism behind baptism.
  • The boys are starting to stay awake longer and longer around one or two feedings a day. They're still eating every two and a half hours most of the time, although there are times when they go for about four hours, which is wonderful! Now if only they'd sleep more at night. Nathan and I have started splitting the night in half, one of us staying awake with the boys while the other one sleeps. That way at least we each get uninterrupted sleep instead of both of us laying in bed listening to the monitor.
  • My house is a disaster. It's terrifying. Just about the time I had almost everything unpacked from Portland and Boise, we go to Portland for a few days again. Yeesh. And can I just tell you how impossible it is to get caught up when you have twins? Thankfully, my mom is coming over tomorrow to watch the boys so I can get the house in order.
  • Twins require a LOT of laundry. I do laundry every two days or so. Sometimes every day. Oh, and a lot of washing bottles.
  • Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark ice cream is to die for! Just sayin'.
I seriously can't express how much I love these boys. Even at 3 am when they're both crying as loudly as possible (and believe me, these kiddos have some lungs!), I look at them and my heart just melts. Especially when they're awake and happy, when I can just sit there and stare into their eyes. I want them to stay this precious size over, when I can easily hold them in my arms, their legs still curled up under them and their tiny bottoms stuck out...maybe that's just a mommy thing but I think it's just the cutest thing ever.

Ok, Asher is crying like mad, gotta go! At least I got a post written!

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