Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok, Seriously?!

Is this honestly what society has come to? This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you stay in your house with the doors barred on the day after Thanksgiving. One of our friends, Aaron, posted the link to this story on his blog and I just couldn't believe it. Nothing in those stores is worth the insanity, let alone a person's life. Sad. Black Friday, indeed.

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Kate said...

That's why I always tried to get off of work on Black Friday when I worked retail. I remember at Best Buy one year when everyone was trying to get PS2s and the crowd trampled an older lady who had to then be rushed in an ambulance to the hospital... then a fist fight broke out in the game section over the last PS2. This all happened in a time span of about five minutes. I worked for 14 hours straight that day with only 1 half hour lunch break and no other breaks. Its ugly, yes, I agree. We are a materialistic nation, and black Friday just lets the ugliness shine. Sad.