Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Have Poop!

So remember how Asher hadn't pooped in about 6 days and it was really wearing on our parental nerves? Well, let's just say that isn't a problem anymore! Day before yesterday he had one little poop, which made us happy but I knew that couldn't be everything that the little guy had stored in there. Sure enough, last night Nathan was holding Asher when he felt some wetness on Asher's side. When he turned him over, there was a huge brown spot on his outfit.

When Nathan opened up Asher's clothes, there was poop EVERYWHERE! Up his side, up his back, and all the way down his leg to his toes. Not even kidding. The poor guy's diaper was full, and then some. But hey, he had to have felt better! Needless to say, Asher got a bath after I thoroughly wiped him down with baby wipes and Nathan rinsed off his outfit in the bathtub. And yet, for all that, I never thought I'd be so happy to see poop.

In other news, my mom went back home today after staying with us for almost a week. Man oh man was she a God-send; cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry, helping with some unpacking, helping feed and change the boys, etc etc etc. I can only imagine how much the poor woman is looking forward to a night of sleep unbroken by newborns crying. So now we're home alone, just the four of us (five if you count Bandit) for the first time ever. No nurses, no Grammy, just us. So far it hasn't been too painful, but we also haven't gone through a night without help yet. Should be interesting!

Tonight is Homebrew Club, the beer homebrewing club that Nathan and I are members of. This will be the first time I've been there in months so I'm really excited about going. Evidently the guys are getting together at one house for the actual homebrew meeting, while all the gals are getting together at another house for "girl's night". Me thinks I should pack a bottle of wine!

Sorry I haven't uploaded more recent pictures, having twins leaves just enough room between feedings to maybe do a little bit of house work to keep up with the daily wear and tear on the house and that's about it. But I promise I'll do it as soon as possible!


Arly said...

YAY POOP! And YAY FIRST BLOWOUT! :) All worth it, right?

Bridgete said...

Yay, glad he got all that poop out of there! Couldn't have felt good for the poor little guy.