Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just A Few of The Things That I Love About My Husband

I love that I knew today was Valentine's Day because he surprised me chai tea, breakfast, AND flowers. Any other day, he would surprise me with chai tea and breakfast...on a regular basis.

I love that our Undersheriff has told me repeatedly to tell Nathan that he's making the rest of the guys look bad because he treats me so well. See above.

I love that Nathan understands that sometimes I just need to be left alone, but that I really do love having him around the rest of the time.

I love that he will randomly decide to help with the dishes or fixing something around the house just at the point that the mess is driving me crazy. Nathan, you can't know how much that means to me and how much it helps my sanity level.

I love that even if he rejects an idea at first, I can count on the fact that he will actually think about it afterwards and either change his mind or come back to me with his reasons for saying no.

I love that he's gradually teaching me to not take myself so seriously.

I love that he supports me in everything I do, even when he knows that I'm going to fall flat on my face. Because he knows that I am stubborn enough that I have to learn for myself.

I love that he tells me that I'm beautiful even when I've just woken up, my hair is a mess, my eyes are all puffy, and I'm wearing boxers and an over sized tshirt. I don't believe him, but it's sweet just the same.

I love that he lets me warm my perpetually icy cold feet against his legs.

I love that I can't truly get to sleep until he comes to bed.

I love that he doesn't get angry at me for waking him up when he's snoring.

I love that he has hilariously vivid dreams in which he has full blown conversations with me, is 100% convinced that something strange is happening, but doesn't realize that he's completely asleep. I have to talk him into realizing that, yes, he IS asleep and that, no, the wires in our electric blanket are not falling out.

I love that he keeps my feet on the ground while still allowing me to dream.

And lastly, I love that he loves me as much as I know he loves me.

I love you babe. Happy Valentine's Day!

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