Monday, February 25, 2008


Ok, well, today was my official weigh-in day (at home, since I don't do WW meetings). And the final weight loss number for the week....

5.6 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, I lost, on average, 1/2 inch from my measurements, which is super exciting! I'm having to throw away what use to be my comfy jeans (now WAY too baggy) and my 'skinny jeans' are now my comfy jeans! SO excited! And now it's time to go work out and start a new week that is hopefully as successful as this one was!


The Carlsons said...

You ALREADY know what I think-- you are AWESOME! keep it up and soon you'll be an "after"!! :)

jemureth said...


I am down 2.4 after just two days eating ATP (according to plan)

Keep up the good work!