Monday, February 4, 2008

A Long Weekend

So much for staying home and relaxing for the weekend. But when have you ever known me to allow myself to relax for an entire weekend? Instead, we decided to drive Nathan's Nissan over to Portland to drop it off for Kate and Eliot. The weather cleared up on Friday and Nathan was able to get off work at 1:00, so we jumped in the cars and headed out. The drive was clear and easy until we got into the Columbia Gorge, where it was raining hard and getting dark...hydroplaning is always fun!

We got to Portland without incident, dropped our stuff and the truck off at Nathan's dad's place, went to visit is him mom who had just gotten out of surgery, and then met up with friends from college at the McMenamins in Forest Grove. We didn't get home from that until about 2 am, and ended up sleeping in until around 11:30 am that morning.

After a day of lazing around (on my part), doing some random guy shopping (Nathan and his dad), and doing some birthday shopping (me for Nathan), we met up with Johnny and Laura, and headed into Portland for a night on the town. Laura and I met up with several girlfriends, prefunked at one of their apartments and then went to Duke's for the rest of the evening. Nathan and Johnny pub crawled through various bars in search of an open dart board and good beer. After driving back and forth across Portland several times, we all crashed at Nathan's dad at around 5 am. The plan had been to get up early and be on the road by about 8 am in order to get home for Superbowl, but driving 6 hours after 2 hours of sleep didn't appeal to either one of us.

So instead we slept in really late, had waffles, watched the Superbowl at Nathan's dad's place, then finally got on the road at around 7:30 pm...not our best move ever, but oh well. We barely missed the freeway closing over Cabbage Hill (it opened about 20 minutes before we got there), and arrived home without incident at around 1 am. 4 hours later, I was getting up for work. And here I am, much more awake than I ever expected to be...guess all those 36 hours without sleep has payed off in terms of my ability to function well with very little sleep.

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