Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun Delivery!

Today there were two HUGE boxes on our front porch when Nathan came home for his afternoon break.

One was my fly fishing pole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO excited! I've been wanting to have a fly pole for years, and last summer was especially hard. Nathan fell in love with fishing, but he does regular fishing, which bores me to tears. If I had a fly pole, I would have immediately joined him, but as it was he had to go by himself. But now, I'm able to go with him! And get back into the art that is fly fishing! The really exciting part is that I'll be able to go fly fish in Yellowstone this summer! The part that I really love about this fly pole is that it breaks down into five 18 inch sections, instead of the normal and longer three sections. Which makes this the perfect pole for taking hiking...and it's so incredibly light!

The other package on our front porch was our second guitar for Guitar Hero III on the Wii! We were so excited to buy guitar hero for our Wii, but when we bought it, we didn't realize that the separate second guitars would not be available for another few months. Part of the major fun of guitar hero is being able to play with a friend at the same time, rather than waiting to take turns...that way you can do cooperative play or battle against each other. So we've been waiting fairly impatiently for the second guitar to arrive...which it finally did!

YAY! TWO exciting toys arriving on the same day! It feels like Christmas or something!

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