Friday, March 7, 2008

Improv..Or Lack There Of

So I know that I'm a theatre person. I love acting. I ADORE directing. Whenever I get a chance to do tech, I have a blast. But there is one facet of theatre which I dread, simply because I suck so horribly at it. That's right, although I can pull a witty retort at the drop of a pin if there's no pressure, I can not for the life of me come up with funny crap to say under the pressure of an improv skit. Which would probably be why I meekly refrained from volunteering to be a part of our high school improv competition team...more like ran the other direction actually. So when I saw this comic, it made me laugh, because this is what I feel like any time I'm asked to do improv.

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Arly said...

You are too funny. I never knew that about you. I probably suck at it as well, but I have fun with it.