Monday, March 3, 2008

Weight Loss For The Week

Well, once again, it's my weekly weigh-in.

Well, as I thought, the weight didn't fall off this week as much as it did last week, but at least I lost some weight!

2 lbs lost this week, 7.6 lbs total!

I'm excited about starting graveyard shift, because it seems like I am better about what I eat and about getting to the gym. I usually go work out right after I get off work in the morning, then go home, take a shower, and go to bed.

The great thing is that my body still feels like I'm losing weight, so I'm wondering if part of my lower weight loss is because I'm gaining muscle also. I went to Maurice's day before yesterday and tried on some size 12 jeans...I haven't worn size 12 since my sophomore or junior year of college. I was actually able to button the jeans!!! I could have bought some, but they were still kinda tight around the waist and I want to wait until I REALLY fit into them. I've gradually put away the $30 in cash that it will cost to buy some Maurice's jeans, so as soon as I can fit in them, I'll buy some to reward myself!

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