Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Stinkin' Excited!

As many of you have probably read, my friend Carly and I are running a 5k in Rexburg, ID (where she lives) on June 14th. Well, while we were discussing this the other day, Carly briefly mentioned that while we were down there for the race, we might as well take an extra couple of days and go to Yellowstone, since it's less than 2 hours away. I didn't really think anything more of this afterwards, since I had it stuck in my mind that Nathan and I were planning some sort of a camping trip for our 2 year anniversary.

It's funny what strikes you at 6 am after a 12 hour shift...on my way home this morning from work, I had a revelation. Why not postpone our anniversary trip by a week or so, take a couple of days off after the race, go to Yellowstone (which I've never been to, btw), and make THAT our anniversary trip?! I'm sure many of you believe I've stumbled upon the inanely obvious, but give me some credit...I've been a little busy lately and I do some of my best problem solving after a 12 hour graveyard shift.

When I checked my calandar, I figured out that there's a way that I can get away with only needing two days off of work. Nathan will obviously have to take more, but hey, that's ok, he needs to use up his one week of vacation time a year anyway. As soon as I got home, I mentioned this to Nathan, and he sleepily agreed that it was a great idea...right before going back to sleep. Since then, I've been scouring the Yellowstone website for ideas on where to camp, fish, eat, what sights to see, etc.

So here's the plan. On Friday, June 13th, Nathan and I will drive down to Rexburg (6 hours) to Carly and Shem's place, go to the informational potato bake for the race, and stay the night at Carly's. Saturday will consist of running the race, enjoying all the entertainment they're going to have there afterwards, and then crashing. Then on Sunday, Nathan and I will drive up to Yellowstone (2 hours), get camp set up, and spend the next 3 days exploring. On Thursday morning, we'll pack everything back up and drive the 8 hours back home so that I can be back to work on Friday.

The great part is that the only days I will need to request off from work are Monday and Tuesday (June 16 & 17). Nathan will need Friday and Mon-Thurs off, but that will be his 5 days of payed vacation that he needs to use anyway. The doggies will go in the kennel, and we will spend our days hiking, fishing, taking photos, and enjoying the sights! I'm SOOOO excited, probably because the last time we took a vacation together that included spending more than two nights in one place was our honeymoon.

Anyway, that's the excitement in my life!

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