Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jonah Werner Concert

When I was up at Malibu, the young life camp in British Columbia, an awesome guy named Jonah Werner, from Colorado, was there all month as the musical guest. His wife, Ruthie, was also there all month and shared her life story each week, which was really powerful. I know my girls were really touched by what she shared, especially because the knew how hard it was for Ruthie to share it. By the time we headed home, every kid that we had taken with us to camp was a HUGE Jonah Werner fan, as were all of us leaders. He just has such a personable style and his songs are...amazing! I recommend checking him out at where you can listen to several of his songs. My favorite is All We Want, which some of you may have heard on my Myspace page.

So fast forward to this weekend. Eric, our head leader here in Baker, used his awesome contacts (Eric's dad was Jonah's science teacher, ha ha ha) to convince Jonah to come be our guest speaker/entertainer for our Dessert Auction...which didn't take much persuading. Everyone absolutely loved what he had to say, and we had a HUGE turn out last night for his free concert he did.

Even though I was thoroughly exhausted last night before going to the concert (I was falling asleep on the couch), Nathan convinced me to go and I'm glad I did. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the concert itself, but then six of my coleaders (all married couples) and Jonah and Ruthie joined us at Barley's afterwards for a couple of beers. It was so much fun! First, I love spending time with my coleaders, so it was a great chance to hang out with them without having to stress about getting club ready to roll. Second, it was a TON of fun to get to actually know Jonah beyond the stage and get to talk to Ruthie, who I've seen several times but never talked to. She's one of those gorgeous women who you think is going to be kind of stand-off-ish, but then you realize that she dresses in a quirky manner and has a quirky, friendly personality to go with it. We're just bummed that they live all the way in Boulder, Colorado and hopefully they'll come visit again soon!

All in all, it was a wonderful, tiring weekend and now I'm spending all of Sunday relaxing before Nathan and I go to see Horton Hears a Who at 6:00 tonight. Tune in tomorrow for my weigh-in!

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