Sunday, March 2, 2008


What a busy weekend!

Yesterday we took a trip up to the house to get some 2x4's, and then headed to Ontario to go to Home Depot. We decided that it is time to do something about our DESTROYED backyard and our falling-apart bathtub surround. We're making the very pack concrete pad into a doggie fortress so that we can stick them back there every day and they won't tear up the yard. Also, it will be easier to clean up after them. After we get the 'fortress' built, we're planning on tilling up, leveling, and reseeding the yard. Oh, and we're planning on tearing down the doggie club house, because it's SO incredibly against code. So yesterday we got 3 weather treated 8 ft posts, some concrete, and some flat cinder blocks to go along the back fence behind where the doggie club house is. Nathan managed to get the posts put up and cemented before it started to snow last night.

Also, we've decided to leave the blue tub in the bathroom but we're going to pull out the nasty stuff that is surrounding the tub and then we're going to put in 13"x13" tile. It's going to be a big project, but it's going to look SOOOO good when it's done...if you ignore the vintage 70's blue bathtub. The awesome thing...all of the supplies for these to projects added up to over $300, but with all the Home Depot gift cards we got, it ended up costing us just over $100!

Once the tile and the backyard are done, we're going to focus our energy on finishing the bathroom...first we're going to replace the vanity with something more modern, then we'll tear out all the molding, sand it down, paint everything blue and brown with white trim, then replace the flooring. If we're feeling ambitions, we'll put tile floor in the bathroom...if not, we'll do something else. Yay for being home owners!

This morning we got up and went back to the Harvest Church, where we went two weekends ago. Once again, there was a guest speaker instead of the regular pastor, but we really like the feel of the church itself. It's so relaxed and friendly...granted, there is some flag waving, but the flags are relegated to the back of the church. It makes you wonder if the pastor told the flag wavers, "Ok...well..if you feel that is how you are being called to worship, there are some flags in storage and you can stand in the back and wave away." But everyone is incredibly welcoming, and as odd as the flag waving is, the entire place makes you feel like you're free to worship however you want. It's relaxed enough that there are parents who will pick up their kids and dance with them to the music. It's really fun.

The other great part is that there are a ton of younger couples that go to this church. We were starting to wonder if they even existed! There's one couple we met today named Joselyn and Ben, they have three kids and Ben teaches at the Christian school that runs out of the church. We're hoping to get together with them for lunch in the next couple of weeks. We're super excited about this church. It fits us better than the Nazarene Church did...there are more young people and it feels so much more relaxed. We always felt like the moment we walked in there, we had to be serious and were waiting for someone to immediately ask us where the heck we had been. It's so serious!!! There's no freely expressing your joy about your faith. I dunno, we're just super excited to have finally found a church that we think feel fits us.

So after going church and running some errands, Nathan and I commenced relaxing. It feels good to just pretty soon I'm going to take a nap so that I can stay up late tonight and sleep most of the day tomorrow in order to get ready for my first night shift tomorrow night.

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