Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blessings In The Poopy Stuff

While I was at camp, I was taking a picture of one of my co-leaders being dunked in the dunk tank. While he was waiting to be dunked, Joe started kicking his feet and somehow managed to soak my point and shoot camera from about 10 feet away...he has long legs. I thought it would be ok, but when I tried taking photos with it the next day, all I got was a white screen when I pushed the shutter button. Lame. We ended up having to use another one of our leader's cameras to take photos the rest of the week.

At around 3:30 this afternoon, Nathan woke me up from my nap to tell me that he wanted to go to Boise to pick up the cabinets and counter tops for our kitchen (he's been stressing about getting those almost non-stop). Seeing as my maternity jeans are already getting too small for my ever-expanding tummy, I decided to go with him and make a stop at Old Navy. The stop there only took about 15 minutes, and then we immediately headed to Lowes in Boise. We got there with two hours until the store closed...unfortunately, it turns out that everyone working in Lowes is incompetent. The really frustrating part was when we attempted to get the 10 foot long counter top we needed. Both of the counters they had in stock were damaged, but they had 4 of them in stock in the Meridian store.

Unfortunately for us, the further incompetence of the Lowes employees made it so we didn't get completely checked out until about 25 minutes before the stores closed. Great. We asked customer service to call the Meridian store to have them bring the counter to the front of the store...seems pretty simple, right? Evidently not. The poor gal who called for us got transferred to three different (incorrect) departments before finally getting the right person. The manager of that store then called her manager and complained about her being rude...costing us another 15 minutes. But this time, I was TICKED. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the Meridian store in time. Grrr.

The only thing that made this evening anything but a complete disappointment was our stop at WalMart in Ontario, where we got a replacement point and shoot camera. A Canon this time instead of a Nikon. When we got home, Nathan discovered that this camera has a SUPER MACRO setting. At which point, I took the camera away from him and started having a ball! Here are some of the results!


Red Wine Cork

Pepper in Oil & Glass

Night Harvest Cork

Egg Man Egg Beater

Bad Dog Glass

Corn on the Cob

Porcelain Tea Bowl

Nathan insists that I should keep up the macro photography, print them out, and sell them around town. Who knew that a point and shoot could be so impressive?! I had forgotten how much I love macro photography, simply because you can find subject matter anywhere and it's incredibly unlikely that anyone will get the anywhere near the same shot. Plus I've always been a HUGE fan of abstract photography. Anyway, it's fun to play with and we'll see where it goes from here.


Carly Carlson said...

HAHA! Great stuff, lindy! I have missed you last week and now this week I had no internet at all! :(
Hope you are doing ok and we'll catch up asap!

Hannah Kali said...

I never thought I'd enjoy a picture of already eaten corn on the cob. :-)

you know, pentax makes a waterproof digital. :-) it's fun to go scuba diving with. :-)