Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bump Tracker

Here we are at 20 weeks 5 days. Crazy, I'm only 2 days away from being 21 weeks, and I'm most definitely over the halfway point. We had an OB appointment yesterday, but I'll add more about that on this post later since I need to run to the grocery store before meeting Nathan for dinner and then heading to work. Last night was my first full graveyard shift and I am definitely still adjusting!

Ok, I'm at work now and can gradually peck away at more of an update. Our OB appointment yesterday was, as ever, very short. Pee in a cup, get the tummy measured, listen to the heartbeats. Asher's heart was going at 150 bpm while Levi's was going at 160 bpm. Smithson said that all of the ultrasounds look great and was especially excited about the fact that the boys are exactly the same size. The only damper on the whole thing...evidently there was sugar found in my urine, a possible sign of gestational diabetes. So I get to go back in tomorrow, do another pee test, and if they still find sugar I have to have my finger poked and get a diabetes test done. I REALLY hope it was just the fact that I had something pretty sugary right before my appointment. (crosses fingers)

As you can see, my tummy is still growing steadily. As a result, the band on my medium maternity jeans was simply too tight. So we went to Old Navy and got me some large jeans...which feel great around the tummy but are baggy everywhere else. Ah well, I'd rather have baggy than too tight.

Yesterday I felt Asher kick with my hand for the first time. I just happened to have my hand on my tummy right over where he was laying and I felt a little thump on my palm. So exciting! Especially since I usually feel Levi move around a lot more than I feel Asher. Poor Nathan has yet to get to feel either of them kick yet because they always seem to do it when he's not around.

In non-baby news, my husband rocks. While I was gone to camp, he tackled the bathroom. When I got home, the tile was 100% done and sealed, the new medicine cabinet was hung as was the extra cabinet above the toilet, and all of the walls/ceiling were primed and painted. It looks amazing! Now the only things left to be done in that room is for the flooring guys to put in the new vinyl (next Mon & Tues) and then for us to put up the trim. After that, the bathroom will be 100% done! Wow! The paint makes it so much brighter in there. Our friends use to joke that it looked like a smurf exploded in our bathroom, but now it looks modern and fresh!

The next big project is to replace all the kitchen cabinets and counters. Thankfully my dad is coming up to help Nathan since I am pretty useless in the lifting department. We're really hoping we don't find any nasty surprises in terms of setbacks when we tear the old cabinets out. We have one of the smaller new cabinets sitting in our dining room right now and I love looking at it and imagining what an entire kitchen of hickory is going to look like.

Now if only I could boost my energy and actually find some motivation to do...anything.

And for fun...a picture from babycenter.com that shows what the boys might look like this week!

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Carly Carlson said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME! Nice tan, mama! :) haha!