Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now That It's Public Knowledge

This was my night last night:


And this:


Granted, newspapers and new stations can't seem to get their facts straight and a LOT more happened than what is contained in those stories. But the general jist of it is true. It made for a VERY exciting night last night, starting at around 2 am and not ending until just before I went home.

Why do the cities keep sending us our crazies to catch for them?


Kate said...

I guess this confirms there is no truth to the statement "Nothing ever happens in Baker City." Did you know that there is a Fraiser episode where they take an RV trip, get lost, and end up in Baker? They called it the middle of nowhere. Perfect for criminals on the run apparently lol! Thanks for sharing this, glad your night wasn't boring!

Lindy said...

The ironic part of it all...a small town is a HORRIBLE place for criminals to run, for two reasons. First, everyone here watches the news at night, so they all know what the wanted people look like. And second, everyone here notices when someone looks out of place...to an almost obnoxious degree.

Arly said...

I think it's hilarious that Baker gets all the escapee's and that we catch them! (I use we loosely as I live in Texas now...)...

Good Job Baker Police/Dispatch!!

Kate said...

Yeah, I bet you're right...they'd have much more luck in LA or NY or somewhere where people largely ignore one another than in a friendly small town. Well, criminals aren't that smart anyway or else they wouldn't be criminals. :-)