Monday, July 21, 2008


...that I have had very little to do with, ha ha ha! As of right now, our nursery is almost 100% painted, just a few touch-ups to do here and there. Once the new carpet goes in and we get the trim installed, that room will be completely done! Same with our bedroom, only new carpet and trim to get done. Ok, that's a lie, we also need to get the new doors painted and installed, but that's not much!

When I left for work tonight, my mother in law had our dining room and kitchen almost completely painted! So that just leaves new flooring and trim in that room. Oh, and the living room only needs new carpet and trim also! Same story with the flooring and trim...oh, and the new door painted. So really, the only big project left (besides putting in new trim throughout the upstairs) is the kitchen! Wow, I can't believe how much progress has already been made.

Granted, the entire upstairs is getting new flooring throughout (BIG YAY!) and that's a huge project, but it's a huge project being done by someone else...thank God. I just have to be there to supervise. Mostly to make sure they don't take off with our valuables, I think. And granted, there are several small projects left, but they're all things we can gradually chip away at and are fairly stress-free. As you can tell, I am feeling a big more optimistic about things today than I was last night.

The new paint in the dining room/kitchen is wonderful! It's a really light yellow that in some light almost looks white. And compared to the painted brick pattern, it makes both rooms look so much brighter. Nathan also put a fresh coat of white paint on the ceiling and in the light box of the kitchen, so that reflects more light as well. I wasn't sure if I would like the light yellow color, but now that I see it up on the walls, I love it! Now I just can't wait to see it with the new cabinets, counters, and flooring.

In other news, I think I finished our baby registry at Babies R Us, for the most part at least. My mom is throwing a baby shower for us here in Baker sometime in the beginning of September, so I wanted to get it done before then so I wouldn't have to worry about rushing to complete it. There's still a couple of things I want to actually look at in the store before making a decision, but other than that I think we're good. Big thanks to Carly for letting me pick her brain on things that I have no clue about like bottles and such!

Oh, and I got my hair cut. It has been necessary to get a haircut once a month because my hair grows so stinkin' fast these days! So this time I told April to cut it shorter...and boy did she. I have to admit, she did exactly what I asked. It's cut to the hairline on my neck in the back and then layered, and while it still does the A-Line thing, if I put it behind my ears it looks really short. I'm still getting use to it, but I love that it only takes 3 or so minutes to dry my hair!

I'll post pictures soon...after the insanity dies down in a couple of days.

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