Sunday, October 19, 2008

4 Weeks!

The boys are now four weeks old! Yay! Day after tomorrow, they will be a month old! My big handsome boys.

Oh, and not only are they four weeks old, they're also now four pounds! FOUR! Double YAY!

And the other great thing...the boys' doctor came by today and told us that there's a good possibility that the boys might be able to go home in a week or so!!!! I actually had to ask him to repeat himself. I was thinking that they wouldn't be going home for another three or four weeks but no...a week or two! He also wrote an order to have them taken off of the caffeine, which they were getting to help them not have the Brady episodes. If they handle being taken off of that, it means that they have accomplished two of the three prerequisites for being sent home. The last one is being able to do full feedings consistently. I seriously can't believe that we might all be home so!

Anyway, Mom will be here any minute to pick me up for the boys' 11:30 pm feeding. So I'm off!


Arly said...

That is WAY too exciting!! I'm so thrilled!! YAY!!

Bridgete said...

Yay! That's wonderful! They must be strong boys to be almost ready to go home early! =)