Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What A Difference A Month Makes!

I've gotten a lot of comments from people lately about how much the boys have grown and put on weight, which made me go back and look at some of their earliest photos. I guess being around them every day makes it a little harder to see the drastic change. So I decided to put "before and after" photos of each of the boys on here, mostly to remind myself how far we've come. The first photos were taken on 9/24/08, three days after they were born. The second photos were taken in the past two days. That's a difference of 33 days and about 2 lbs. On the top row is Levi. The picture on the left was taken at 3 days old on 9/24/08. The picture on the right was taken at 36 days old, yesterday on 10/27/08.

These are Asher's photos. On the left is him at 3 days old on 9/24/08 and on the right is him at 35 days old on 10/26/08.

Wow, what a change!


Dana Brown said...

WOW!! They look sooooo good! Major change in a month. They are such beautiful boys.

Kate said...

Chubby babies! Yay!