Friday, October 17, 2008

Packing A Full Load

And so the journey begins...

The boys are now really feeding, even though they still fall asleep about 10-15 minutes in. I'm not suppose to pump before coming to visit them, so they can start working up to full feeds. Woohoo! I think both of the boys have already been doing this a bit...they just HAVE to be getting something. I mean, they're rocks stars!

On top of starting to do real breast feeding, they are still growing like WEEDS! Levi is now 3 lbs 14 oz and Asher is 3 lbs 13 oz. I think they're gaining about 30 grams every day. Oh, and can you believe they are going to be a month old in only 3 days?! My babies! A month old! I just can't believe how cute they are getting. Maybe it's the fact that their cheeks are getting chubbier every day, but they get cuter and cuter every time I see them. I'm definitely in trouble. One look from those faces and I melt. Speaking of looks, their faces are also getting more expressive. Yes, I realize it's probably just gas, but it's still adorable and not just a little hilarious.

Except when I change their diapers. Oh man. Let me give you an example. Yesterday afternoon I was changing Levi and he didn't have any poop in his diaper. Now, when I change the boys, I get their new diaper and their wipes all set out, put their clean diaper under their dirty diaper, open the old diaper, pull it out from under them while holding them up, wipe them off, and close up the clean diaper. Unless the boys have other Levi did. I managed to get him cleaned off and got his new diaper closed up when we heard a minor explosion. I checked him and sure enough, a ton of poop. (Someday he's going to hate me for this.) So I go through the whole process again and as soon as I got his new diaper under him (not yet closed), he let loose again. New diaper. More poop. New diaper. More poop. You've heard of a Five Alarm Fire? This was a Five Diaper Poop! No kidding...FIVE DIAPERS!

And yet all I could do through the entire episode was laugh. I never thought I'd be so ok with being in such close proximity to another person's bodily...stuff. Funny what being a mommy does to you. To my friends who are about to become mommies (or daddies), you are about to embark on the best adventure of your life.

I love my boys.

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Arly said...

That is way to funny. I can't wait for my first Five Diaper Poop! ;) Wow, never thought I"d say that...

And yes, Levi will hate you when he finds out you related that story to the entire world. :)!