Saturday, October 25, 2008

What A Pair

But first...a slight rant.

Yeesh, what a day! I swear we ran into every stupid person we could possibly meet. But the biggest example of this was our attempt to get a late breakfast. Nathan had seen a "greasy spoon" just down the street from the Ronald House called Miss Addie's. He said the parking lot in front of it was full, which is usually a good sign. So after giving the boys their 11:00 feeding, we headed down there. When we got there, sure enough, it was packed, which was fine.

It wasn't until we got sat that the trouble began. It took almost 10 minutes for someone to come by and offer Nathan some coffee, and neither of us got any water. It was then another 10 minutes before our orders were taken, at which time I asked for water and cranberry juice...which took another 10 minutes to get to me, and then only after we asked for it about three more times. At that point, I had been sitting there for about half an hour with nothing to drink. Our things were brought to us by several different people, all of whom looked like they didn't have a clue what they were doing there. Also, when the gal refilled Nathan's coffee cup, she only refilled it about half way each time.

When our food finally arrived, my toast was MIA for a good 5 minute. Nathan took a bite of his scrambled eggs and crunched down on some egg shell. And my omelet was in, raw egg. It was at that point that we finally complained to the waitress...nicely. I mean, most of this was probably not her fault. When we told her about our food, her reaction was like "oh not again", as though this were a common thing. I asked her for our check, and she told us not to worry about it, took our food, and walked away. We waited for another 5 minutes or so for her to come back, but she never did so we left a $2 tip and walked out. That's the first time either of us have ever left without paying for a meal. It was literally the worst restaurant experience either of us have ever had. So if you're ever in Boise, DON'T go to Miss Addie's!

Oh...and we had to blow the whistle on a couple at the Ronald House who had just gotten done smoking pot by the smell of them. Great.

But on a bright note, our boys are amazing. Levi is now 4 lbs 8 oz and Asher is 4 lbs 6 oz. They continue to improve on their feedings AND we have now managed to do two full tandem feedings!!! That's when I feed both boys at the same time. Which cuts our feeding process down from an hour and a half to about half an hour. That rocks my world. We only get to do that if both of the boys happen to be awake at the same time, but hopefully once we get them home it can become a more regular occurrence. I think the boys are going to be real heartbreakers. They already have all the nurses in love with them. It cracks me up, we have several nurses who come to visit the boys even when they are assigned to other sections of the Nicu, just to see how they're doing.

I can't even explain how much I love these two boys. I remember when we first found out we were having seemed so incredibly surreal. But now...I simply cannot imagine only having one. One of my favorite times of the day is right after the boys get done feeding, and both Nathan and I are just sitting there, each snuggling one of the boys. Seeing Nathan with one of his sons curled up on his chest just makes me smile and gives me warm fuzzies.

Oh, and evidently the local Blockbuster donated a TON of their videos to the Ronald House, and they were all sitting in boxes in the downstairs living room. We asked the house manager how many we could take and she said "PLEASE take them ALL! Get them out of here!" So...we did. They had a few zillion kids movies and old cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Thomas the Train. Maybe we went a little overboard, but we got about 300 movies. And that wasn't even a fraction of all the movies down there. Just call us Labunski Videos.

Thank goodness I got a nap today.

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Bridgete said...

Awesome about the movies!

And thanks for the warning about the restaurant. Ew.