Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick Update

Today was yet another good day! The boys continue to gain weight AND we get to hold them twice a day now instead of just once! YAY! So we held them at both their 11:00 am and their 8:00 pm feedings. During the 8:00, I was holding Asher and he was rooting around like crazy, wanting to feed. So tonight, we tried recreational feeding for the first time. It didn't last for very long, but he did manage to latch on for a couple of minutes before he got fussy. Probably the best part of that entire time was when I was transitioning Asher from his tummy on my chest into a cradle hold and I got to look him full in the face while holding him for the very first time.

Nathan's mom and sister are here this weekend, so it's been a ton of fun seeing them spend time with the boys. Both Mom and Kate got to hold the boys for really short amounts of time, either when helping with the boys' baths or handing the boys to us for our skin to skin time. I just love showing the boys off.

Kate and Jan took some great photos of the boys, which I then nabbed from her and uploaded onto the boys' album. So enjoy!

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