Friday, October 10, 2008

Where Are My Mittens?!

I took a nap this afternoon because, well, I hit the wall. When I woke up, I heard dripping outside. Thinking maybe it was raining, I peeked outside of our bedroom window and saw..........




Not even kidding, it was snowing here in Boise! Evidently this is the earliest snow in recorded history for Boise. The record prior to this was October 12th. Crazy, eh? I think it's my fault, because we regularly had our first snow in Baker show up on my birthday.

Anyway, the boys continue to do amazingly well. They are now 3 lbs 4 oz, and only have a 2 gram difference between them. That's 1.5 oz more than their birth weight! Evidently they have both been holding a slightly high temp for the past day or so, but the nurses seem to think that this is just environmental (they're in a warm isolette, therefore they are warm). Which is good news because the isolette is basically at room temp and yet the boys' are maintaining a good temp themselves, meaning that they should hold a good temp when they are moved out of the isolette.

Last night, Nathan got to hold both of the boys for the first time. After holding them in his arms for a few minutes, he then laid them side by side on the pillow in his lap so the boys could lay together. It was so cool, because they just snuggled up together and immediately fell back asleep. Seeing them side by side, their faces look amazingly similar, but we do notice a difference in their head shapes. Asher's head is skinnier (side to side) and longer (front to back) while Levi's is wider from side to side and shorter from front to back. Adorable! See photos on their online album!

It's also been fun seeing the boys' personalities coming out more. Levi has definitely established himself as the more vocal, impatient twin, while Asher is a lot more laid back and quiet. But regardless of those differences, they both REALLY love snuggling with Mom and Dad! :) They've also developed a knack for pulling their feeding tubes out of their noses. Thankfully, this isn't that big of a deal because the tubes are smooth and just slip in and out really easily. But that also forces the nurses to get really creative with the tape that they use to keep the tubes in. Goofy kids.

And now...a video of the boys snuggling! Talk about tugging on the heart strings! Asher is on the left and Levi is on the right. Gotta love the big yawn!

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Hannah Kali said...

That video is wonderful! And, as cute as that yawn was, I think the thing that makes the video is your laugh, Lindy. ;-)