Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's A Compulsion, I Swear

We have a very strangely shaped living room. Most living rooms are square, but ours is like a larger square tacked onto a smaller square, so it makes a strange 'L' shape. Except the bottom part of the 'L' is very short. This makes it INCREDIBLY hard to arrange our furniture in such a way that takes the best advantage of the space, and forces me to rearrange our furniture fairly frequently in search of the perfect arrangement. The addition of baby swings, bouncers, and a cradle doesn't make the process any easier.

Tonight, I realized that we weren't using the glider and ottoman that my parents got us as a nursing chair at all, simply because we do all of our feeding out in the living room where there's more space and a tv...feeding gets kind of, well, boring when it takes almost an hour to feed each kiddo. So on a whim I moved the chair and ottoman into the living room, which required me to move the old love seat...which then snowballed into me moving every piece of furniture in the entire room except for the desk. But I have to admit, I really like how it's set up now! Pictures to follow!

The TV in the corner small corner, the fire place, and then the couch.

The couch and the chair/ottoman set, with Levi in his carseat between them...he wouldn't go to sleep any other way!

The other side of the room, the top of the 'L', with the old love seat, tree, desk, and book shelf.

Both of the boys have been doing better with going to sleep in their crib, especially at night. Tonight, Asher went over 7 hours between two feedings and I actually had to wake him up in order to feed him because I was worried that 7 hours was too long at this age. Who knows. Unfortunately, every once in a while one of the boys will refuse to sleep in their crib. Tonight was one of those nights for Levi, where he would sleep for 20 minutes then cry until I would hold him or put a binkie in his mouth, then he'd sleep for another 20 minutes, wake up, etc etc. So I finally broke down and put the little squirt in his carseat and he fell right asleep. Yeesh.

At some point I'll take a picture of how the boys end up positioned in their crib. We always start out with them laying side by side, laying across the short width of the crib, so their feet are pointing towards you when you're standing next to the crib. By the time they wake up for their next feeding, they've almost always squirmed around so they are sleeping at a diagonal across the crib, usually at the same angle. It's pretty entertaining.

And here's another video. Just in case you ever wondered what it's like to have two infants crying at the top of their lungs at you at the same time, here's just a little taste...don't worry, this is while we were getting their bottles ready and I picked them up to comfort them immediately after taking the video so they were only crying for about 30 seconds!

And that's not even as bad as it can get...Levi wasn't even truly crying and that's Asher's quiet cry. You should hear his screaming cry, it pierces the ear from across the house. It cracks me up how the boys paw the air when they're hungry or wide makes me wonder what's going through those little heads of theirs.

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