Monday, December 29, 2008

Makes Me Want To Tiptoe Through the Tulips?

On the day after Christmas, it snowed about a foot or so in 12 hours. got up to 42 degrees. It was downright balmy out.

Right is raining and is 36 degrees out.

Needless to say, the snow has mostly melted and it is a slushy mess out there. The scary part is that tonight it's suppose to get back down to the 20's and snow by around 6 pm, which means that this slushy mess is going to freeze and become ice. Yikes. Should make for an interesting work night.

On a non-weather related subject, the boys are just rocking our socks off. Every day they become more and more interactive and are staying awake longer during the day. Except for tonight, they have also been sleeping regularly between around 1 am and 4-5 am. One of their favorite forms of exercise is "tummy to tummy" time. Rather than laying on the floor, they absolutely love to lay tummy to tummy with either Nathan or I while we're sitting on the couch. Once there, they arch their backs to sit straight up, they hold their heads up for minutes at a time, and they push up with their legs to stand (with our help, of course). They're now getting to the point where they can support of of their weight on their legs for about 5 seconds or so before they slowly bend their legs and kneel on our laps. We help keep them balanced by holding them under their armpits, but for my part, I don't help them by supporting their weight.

One of my favorite things that the boys do is when they give me baby kisses. I realize that it's just them looking for something to eat, but when they're hungry and I'm holding them up to my shoulder, a lot of times they will turn their faces towards mine, open their mouths, and start pecking at my cheek. It's too much fun. Oh, and they're also starting to consistently track things with their eyes, such as my hand when I move it in front of them. Their fascination with light continues...they will stare at light for hours.

I know I've talked about how much I love them before, but every day I'm surprised by how much MORE I love them as their interaction grows. They're just becoming so much more fun, rather than simply eating and sleeping like they use to. I can't wait until they really discover each other and start playing together...that's going to be such a blast.

And now, I'm off to upload the TON of photos that are languishing on our point and shoot camera, most of which are of the boys. So go check out the boys' albums! There will be some new ones on their 3rd Month album and a whole new 4th Month album.

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