Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Is Christmas With No Snow

(I seem to be referencing White Christmas a lot lately.)

Ok, now I don't feel like such a fraud for having snowflakes on the background of our blog.

You see, up until today, I have seriously lacked anything resembling Christmas spirit. Despite it being blasted cold here, it hasn't snowed at all! And having grown up with tons of snow every winter, it's just strange to be into December without having seen any snow on the ground. Until today!

This afternoon, Nathan woke me up at around 2:30 to go get our Christmas tree. We always go up to my parents' property on Pine Creek and cut our own tree, something we've been doing ever since we moved there when I was 5, so we loaded up the boys, the dog, and the camera, and headed towards the mountains. When we got there, we immediately set up the camera and got our family photo, which is something I've been bugging Nathan about ever since we got home from Boise. No, you can't see it yet, it's a surprise...or something like that. After that, we tramped around the woods for a little bit until we found our tree, put the boys back in the car to warm up, and I gathered up some boughs for swags and whatnot while Nathan cut down the tree. Don't worry, the car was only a few feet away.

Right as we were putting the boys in the car, it finally STARTED TO SNOW!!! I was just tickled that it snowed on the day that we got our Christmas tree. We got out from under the snow fall as we started heading back into the valley, but I was still absolutely giddy...enough so that I found the local radio station that is playing non-stop Christmas music (107.9 FM) and stopped at the coffee shop on the way home for peppermint hot cocoa for me and a vanilla latte for Nathan. Mmmm. So now we have a tree sitting in our garage and I'm hoping that I can get the house cleaned tomorrow while Nathan's at work for the afternoon so that I can decorate the house and we can put up the tree sooner than later.

Oh, and remember how I said that it wasn't snowing the valley? Well, I opened the front door to go to work this evening and was greeted by a blanket of snow over everything, with flakes still coming down fast! Who knows, Kate, you might actually get to make that snowman after all! Now it's time to make myself some tea and curl up in my work chair to watch some Extreme Makeover: Home Edition between phone calls.


Kate said...

WooooHooo!!!! I'll start packing the scarf and carrot nose. :-D

Bridgete said...

Weird, it snowed here yesterday too! Not a ton though, it already melted. But still. =)