Saturday, December 13, 2008

Latest Photos

Just thought I'd share a few photos from the last couple of days. There's more in the boys' album.

Sacked out in the cradle together, Asher on the left, Levi on the right.

Asher found his thumb all by himself!

Levi holding his first candy cane when we decorated the tree.
No, he didn't get to eat any of it.

Bandit posing...maybe we should have show him as a show dog. Nah.

Levi helping Daddy put on the tree topper. Not sure if he's smiling or crying. I'm going to go with crying.

It was a headless Christmas. First my Precious Moments ornament...

...then the reindeer from Nathan's ornament. Their necks are even RED. Disturbing. Oh, and Santa's missing from inside the house. Hmm.

The boys last ate over 5 hours ago, and I can hear one of them squeaking over the baby monitor like he can't quite decide if he wants to sleep longer or wake up and scream. Thank the Lord for more time between feedings...the whole feed for an hour then have an hour before feeding again thing was really getting old.


Bridgete said...

Those boys are just adorable. =)

Kate said...

Did the ornaments get broken in storage? Some of ours broke when the cat knocked down the tree for fun while we were gone. It's a broken ornament Christmas!