Thursday, December 11, 2008

She's Making A List And Checking It Twice

....or three, or four, or ten times. Because she's just THAT OCD.

No kidding, folks. I have a list of all the presents Nathan is receiving and who is getting them for him. I have a list of his stocking stuffers, and checkmarks next to the ones I already have purchased. I have a list of all the gifts I have for each family member, including notations for which ones are gifts and which are stocking stuffers. I have a list of things that I still need to purchase, which gifts still need wrapped, and which need mailed off.

Ridiculous, I know.

Then again, when you have twin infants, organization is a must.

Speaking of twin infants, the boys are just getting cuter every day. I love coming home in the morning and walking into our bedroom to find all three of my boys cuddled up on the bed together. It would be four boys except we don't let the dog up on the bed...and believe me, that's not for a lack of puppy dog eyes or attempting to sneak his way up there. Anyway, back to the boys...have any of you parents experienced coming home from a long day (or night) at work and just not being able to get enough of your baby? I mean, I can't seem to hold them close enough or shower enough kisses on them.

Both of them are getting stronger and stronger, and are holding their heads up a lot when we hold them upright, especially Asher. He seems to be a lot more gung-ho about pushing himself, whether it be holding his head up, doing baby push-ups, or rolling over. Levi's just more laid back about things like that, but I'm sure he'll more than make up for it.

Last week, we finally managed to get our house decorated (after some major cleaning on my part) and then decorated our tree as a family! It was a lot of fun, and the boys were even relatively calm. After enjoying a mug of hot chocolate (with a little peppermint schnapps for flavor, yummm) and filling the tree with lights, ornaments, and candy canes, the four of us curled up in bed to watch A Christmas Story, which I had never seen before. Which evidently makes me un-American. Ah well. Yeah, the movie was good, but the best part was just hanging out with my family.

Let's see, anything else of note? Not really, I guess. Life is going to be full throttle after this weekend, with non-stop work days, appointments, Christmas get-togethers, and/or family visits, so we're going to be heaving a huge sigh of relief once we get to the new year. But hey, almost all of it is going to be fun, right? Except maybe those doctor appointments.

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