Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun With Photo Tinting

Usually when I come home from a graveyard shift, I stay up for an hour or two in order to wind down, and also to give Nathan a bit more time to sleep before I crawl into bed and wake him up. During that time, I've started playing with different aspects of Photoshop, as is demonstrated by my banners, backgrounds, etc. While browsing through some tutorials, I found one on photo tinting. Combine that with my love of macro photography, and we have magic, people. Pure bliss. Observe.

First we have a white tulip with some of the yellow pollen that has fallen off into the center of the flower.

It's cool enough as it is, I guess. A little blurry except for the fallen pollen. (Hee hee. Fallen pollen.) And it's honestly not all that exciting. Take the same photo, however, turn it into black & white, bring the yellow of the fallen pollen back, and we have something more exciting, more enticing. Suddenly the blurriness of the rest of the photo isn't as apparent and your eye knows where to rest.

Next we have the inside of a pink tulip. Pretty cool, but notice the center. Looks pretty bland next to all that hot pink, doesn't it? Not much color variety to it, and it's definitely not what draws your eyes.

But what if we were to get rid of the hot pink?

Suddenly there's a rainbow of colors within the center of this flower. It's amazing what happens to the boring girl when the show off is removed from the equation, no? I just want to note that I did NOTHING to enhance these colors. All I did was take away the color to make the entire photo black & white, and then erased the black & white adjustment from the center. It's a lot more complicated than that, but that's what happened in layman's terms.

Sigh...I love Photoshop. Now if only the magical Photoshop Fairy would put a copy of Photoshop CS4 under my pillow...we're currently running on plain ol' CS, which is only 3 versions old. Ah well, I work with what I'm given.

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