Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Happened.

I've gone over the edge and created myself a photography blog. Kid you not. It's pretty boring right now as I don't have access to Photshop at the moment, so don't judge me. I figured I needed to stop taking the attention away from my poor children and husband, yet I love sharing what I've learned in my experimenting with my camera and Photoshop. So here we have it folks:

Lindy Labunski Photography

I've even managed to copy and paste my recent photography and Photoshop posts over there. So for those of you who want to keep up with my fumblings in the photography world, head on over to that blog. For those of you who are just here to get the latest update on the Labunski family and don't give a flying fart what I'm pointing my camera at, you're in the right place!


PS. I've also added a link to the photography blog to my "Other Blogs I Love" list on the right, which will tell you when/if I've added anything.

PPS. I've joined the Mission 24 blog, which is basically a blog that gives you a weekly photography assignment and then you have 24 hours to do the assignment, edit it, and post it. It's pretty fun and I think it will be a way to push myself, even if other people's comments are more along the lines of "Great photo!" rather than constructive criticism. Your harshest critic is yourself, right?

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