Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look At Me!

Ok people. We have a problem. The only child in me is screaming to get out; that part of me that begs for peoples' attention and approval, the part that I have been attempting to beat into submission for years and years.

The object of my Only-Child Syndrome angst?

No one has said a single thing about my phenomenal blog banner, the one that I slaved over for way too long in the wee hours of the morning after a 12 hour graveyard shift because I wanted to let Nathan sleep until the boys woke up. The banner which I, myself, am incredibly enamoured with.

Why?! Why is no one satisfying my need for affirmation? And don't say you're doing it for my own good, I don't wanna hear it. Yes, I'm begging for compliments and I'm not ashamed.

Ok, I'm a little ashamed. But not enough to stop me from posting this.




Carly Carlson said...

Holy crap! What a fantastically phenomenal mind blowing blog banner!
Lindy, you rock! :) hahaha you are funny, i actually did mean to say something and thought i did but i must not have :)

good work team. doing that in photoshop is not easy :)

Lindy said...

Thank you, Carly, for stroking my Only Child ego. Have I ever told you how much I love you? By the way, we have a play date this weekend, just in case Shem didn't give you the 411. We're booked Friday, but have the rest of the weekend off.

Natascha Nugget said...

OMG BBQ!!! That is so fascinating!!! It rivals all other things fascinating! Good job honey (pats head)...

Anonymous said...

I have never seen anything so creative. I actually did notice and admire it - sorry I didn't pass the thought along!


Kate said...

It's a very cute banner. :-)

Lindy said...

Ha ha ha, thanks everyone! My inner only child is pacified.