Sunday, March 15, 2009


And I just realized that I wrote a big long email to my parents that included the latest update on Asher's hearing, but didn't write ANYTHING about it on the blog. Sorry 'bout that.

The boys had their Synagis appointment on Friday, poor fellas. At least they smiled at our nurse, Jacque, when they saw her. The good news is that they should only need one more Synagis shot next month and then we'll be done with those until next winter! When they were weighed in, Asher weighed about 12 lbs 3 oz while Levi weighed 12 lbs 6 oz, or somewhere there abouts. Jacque did take a look at Asher's ears and didn't see anything to alarm her. She said that since they both passed their hearing test in the NICU with flying colors and neither one of them have had an ear infection yet (knock on wood), there really shouldn't be anything to worry about. Evidently he does have quite a bit of wax in his ear, which we thought may be a possible culprit, but not enough to block his canal. So all in all, she said we really shouldn't worry, he's probably just practicing his male selective hearing early. Yay!

Other than that, the boys are definitely laughing, and babbling, and cooing, and giggling like crazy, and are incredibly ticklish. Levi, poor kid, inherited my ridiculously ticklish knees, which his Daddy uses to make him laugh like a fiend on a daily basis. They love sitting happily in their bouncers, playing with the toys across the bar. Because the bigger bouncer only has toys dangling down by the feet, I figured out that I could open up their little monkey gym mat and put that bouncer through it so whichever boy was sitting in the bouncer had toys to play with with their hands also. They've really started reaching out and grabbing things to play with on purpose, pulling them closer to them and giggling like crazy. So much fun. We've hung little toys from the handle on their car seats too, which they love.

Friday night was our Annual Young Life Dessert Auction, which is always a ton of fun. The auction went really well and the boys did great the entire time. They got passed around a lot between my Young Life girls, which was totally fine with me, I trust my girls completely. They were definitely a hit, as were their Thing 1 & Thing 2 outfits they were wearing. The poor things didn't get much sleep on Friday between their appointment and the auction, which explains why yesterday was such a sleepy, relaxed day for all of us. The highlight of the auction was getting to see Bill Rhiel, the area director I worked with closely while doing Young Life in Hillsboro, and and his wife Terri, as well as Steve Fox, who use to be our area director and who was on assignment team with me for a month at Wildhorse Canyon back in 2004. It's been years since I've seen either one of them. Needless to say, they were more than a little shocked to see the twins, although they both ooh'd and ahh'd appropriately.

As I mentioned before, yesterday was a lazy, sleepy day. I'm fighting off a slight cold, so I ended up sleeping all night Friday night (ahh, NyQuil) and took two naps yesterday. The boys slept for almost 11 hours on Friday night, took several long naps yesterday, and yet still managed to go down to sleep last night by 11:30. This morning we'll be going to church and then I'm sure we'll be lazy yet again. No complaints from this peanut gallery.

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