Sunday, September 7, 2008

28 Weeks 3 Days

Just thought you'd enjoy a picture of what thinks our boys look like this week. Except at the last ultrasound three days ago, Levi was head down and in the same position as the baby on the right, while Asher was still laying across my tummy.

Even after having a rough night last night in terms of being able to fall asleep (or lack there of), Nathan and I decided to go to church this morning...not a good idea. While it was great to be at church, I have never spent a more uncomfortable hour in my entire life. The entire time, my tummy and back muscles were screaming at me and I had forgotten how long-winded Pastor Jon is during the second service when he doesn't have Sunday school to let people out for.

As we got in the car after church, I told Nathan that unfortunately I don't think I will be going back to church until after the boys are born. As soon as we got home I popped a Tylenol and took an hour nap. My muscles still aren't up to par, but I don't think they will be until after the boys are born. But hey, the nap felt good!

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