Monday, September 8, 2008

I <3 My Home

So...I discovered something. Tylenol PM knocks me out for 12 hours. And it makes me kind of loopy. This amuses Nathan to no end. But sleep is gooooood. Sleeping through my hips, stomach muscles, and back hurting is even better.

For the past few days, Nathan and I have been gradually putting our house back together. It's all little stuff that needs to get done and doesn't take very long, but now that it's the work week again things are going a tad bit slower than it did over the weekend. But Nathan, ever the trooper, is more than willing to let me sit and tell him what needs to be done! Already the house looks amazing!

I really can't get over how different the entire house looks! Every time I walk into the kitchen, I can't help but smile! Yeah, my husband rocks. Seriously...he did this all in about 4 months or so! Yesterday, Nathan hung our new pot rack, wine rack, and wine glass rack in our kitchen and dining room. They look so great! We're also thinking about rearranging the living room. Now I just wish we could throw a party to celebrate!

I'm a little nervous about my appointment tomorrow. Who knows what Dr. Smithson will say in terms of our plan for the next few weeks, bed rest restrictions...oh, and whether he even knew that I was coming back to town!

Ok, Tylenol PM has definitely kicked in. Bed time!

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