Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Videos!

Here's a couple more videos. The first one is of Asher sucking on his binkie (you have to wait about half way through the video before he actually starts doing it) and the second one is of Levi yawning. Too cute! I also uploaded 5 more photos to the boys' online album.

Today, Nathan and I had the unfortunate experience of having to fire one of our nurses. The nurse from last night just did a lot of things that made us uncomfortable and concerned for the boys. When we got there just before their 8:00 cares, the nurse really didn't give us any information, unlike all the other nurses we've worked with. When we asked her questions, we got really short responses, like we were inconveniencing her. After we got done with the boys' cares, she asked us if we wanted to hold them. Of course, we said yes.

When she pulled the boys out of their isolettes, she really didn't pay attention to where their lead wires and IV's, but thankfully none of them were torn off. She then just plopped them down on our chests...the other nurses have been letting us pick them up out of their isolettes ourselves so there is less shifting them. She then didn't give us any more than one small blanket each to keep them warm with, even though I mentioned that Asher felt a little cold. It seemed like every concern we had was met with indifference.

Other nurses had also told us that whenever the boys are taken out to be held, we needed to hold them for at least an hour, in order to give them a chance to rest before moving them again. They said that was really important. This nurse, however, evidently hadn't gotten that memo. As soon as the boys were done with their half hour long feeding, she immediately took them away from us...without asking if we were ready, explaining why she was taking them away, or anything. While she was moving them, once again she wasn't paying attention to their leads but this time she managed to rip Asher's heart moniter lead off of him. It was only stuck to him with a sticky, but still. And then she immediately covered up their isolettes and acted like it was time for us to leave.

All in all, we were a little upset and not a little concerned. At 11:00 last night, we almost went back to the hospital because we were so worried. Instead, we spoke with a nurse supervisor, explained to her our concerns, and asked that this particular nurse not be assigned to our boys anymore. She thanked us for our feedback and we agreed to let her tell the nurse what we had said...otherwise, how would anything get fixed? We hated doing it, but we also know that if we hadn't said anything and she had been assigned to the boys again, we would have been nervous wrecks. Other than that, all the nurses and doctors we've interacted with have been absolutely wonderful.


Arly said...

Way to cute videos! That yawn is sooo big!!

And good for you for firing the nurse! What a jerk.

Carly Carlson said...

I'm so glad you spoke up about the nurse- that is so scary! It seems like more often than not nurses are amazing, but once in awhile you get those dumb ones.

Cute videos such sweet little boys!

Bridgete said...

Yeah, I'm really glad you said something about that nurse. I was worried just reading about it.

The boys are just adorable! =)

Carly Carlson said...

I am so dumb- I was trying to figure out what your background said- I kept reading "Pocket frogs are made for a boy's"... what does that mean??? After about 10 tries I realized "pocket" goes at the end... frogs are made for a boy's pocket. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Oh shoot.