Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bunches of Photos!

Alrighty, here are the promised nursery photos. I still stick my head in the room every once in a while and can't get over how much I love how it's set up! All that's missing is my glider and some decorations on the walls. And now, without further ado....

Left side of the room with the changing table/dresser.

Center of the room. My glider and ottoman will go where the mini wicker rocker is.

Right side of the room with the cribs. Hee hee.

Changing table/dresser, canvas drawer tower, diaper organizer, and diaper genie.

Diaper organizer...cause I love to be organized!

Changing pad with really soft fuzzy cover and a black basket for....something.

Nursing area with canvas drawer another week, my glider will be in that corner.

Asher's crib, complete with the name thingy my mom quilted. So cute!!!

Levi's crib, with his name thingy. Now we just have to make sure we put them in the right cribs!

Small table with the baby monitor on it...ok, actually it's a stool with fabric over it. But it works perfectly!

The closet organizer we got. I haven't even filled it yet. Gotta love having tons of storage!

Baby clothes!!! Notice that it's mostly blue or green. At least it's not all pink!!!

And last but not least, a surprise! Some of you might not like this because you insist I look better as a blond, but let's face it...blond hair is just SO much harder to take care of! I just can't seem to get away from the brassy blond color that haunts me. To make blond look good on me, I'd basically have to go to a salon and shell out $70 a month. So I decided to go back to a light brown color. I'm really happy with it. I thought it would come out a lot darker than I wanted it to be, but it came out just right! Hope you like it!

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Carly Carlson said...

You look way cute! I'm glad the nursery is feeling more like a nursery now! How fun! LOVE the quilted names, go mom!