Monday, September 15, 2008

Bump Tracker

Here we are at 29 weeks 4 days. Proof that I am just as large as I feel. Yeesh. I've been told that I look like I am carrying the boys lower than I use to, and it definitely feels that way, but I don't know how much I notice it in this photos.

My feet, hands, and face have definitely puffed up big time, no matter how much I keep my feet up, lay down, drink water, etc. So tomorrow morning I have an appointment to get my blood pressure checked, to check for preeclampsia. I'd love to see how the boys are positioned right now, because it definitely feels like they're laying different than they have been for the past 7 months. I'm just hoping that neither of them have decided that they would like to be breech.

Wow I'm ready for this to be over. Yeah, yeah, I know...I'll wish they were back inside of me once they're born. I've heard that before. But still...


Carly Carlson said...

I hope these last few weeks go fast for you Lindy! And I also hope you don't have to deal with preeclampsia! Let us know how your doc. appt goes!

Arly said...

I think you look lovely.