Monday, September 1, 2008


Ok, I finally broke down and just took photos of a few of the ultrasounds we haven't posted yet. The first three are from clear back on 7/30/08 in Boise when the boys were 22 weeks 6 days, but they're just too darn cute! The last two are from my last appointment on the 28th, when the boys were 27 weeks. No good profiles during the last appointment, but a couple of cute ones none the less. Please excuse the flash spots.

Levi's profile, 22 weeks 6 days

Asher's profile, 22 weeks 6 days

Both of Asher's feet together, toes pointing to the right. 22 weeks 6 days

Levi's legs stretched straight out, feet to the left, butt to the right. 27 weeks

The boys' heads together at 27 weeks. They've primarily had their heads together from the very first ultrasound...I hope that means they're going to be best friends. Asher on the left, Levi on the right.

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Carly Carlson said...

oh i love ultrasounds! how fun to see your boys again, lindy! they are adorable! can't wait to pinch their little buns! :)