Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Trim!

Over Labor Day weekend, Nathan's Dad, Ger, went over to Baker and helped Nathan put the new trim up throughout the house. As always, I'm amazed with how much they got done in the short amount of time they had! If I am remembering correctly, there are only a couple of things to do; trim and new window sills on 7 windows (3 are already done), a little touch-up paint here and there, and then putting white caulk on all the joints and nail holes. Other than that, all the baseboard is done, all the doorways are framed out, and three of the windows have trim and new fancy window sills!

The photos are on our Picasa online album under Remodel 2008. They're all at the end of the album. As always, the link is in the right hand column over there. --------->


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